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Case Studies


Case Studies


Case Studies

Below are a few examples of how we were able to improve the drilling efficiency at a variety of drilling locations using our advanced  technology. These case studies are from actual clients using TANGSHAN JINSHI products; you will be surprised at some of the results.

Top production realized with HQ3 impregnaated diamond core bits from TANGSHAN JINSHI

April, 2015

The TANGSHAN JINSHI HQ3 core bit achieved a 825 bit life at a very high penetration rate. Details about the specific challenge are below

The operation:

 PSI Drilling Support and Services

This area is remote, and the core drillers need products that will perform, and importantly, last. Logistics and resupply consume a significant amount of time.


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The formation:

The rock formation is a highly variable volcanic formation; consisting mainly of andesites, silicified andesites and tuff breccia lavas.

The drill bit:

The HQ3 impregnated diamond core bit, S6 and S8 matrix, 12mm impregnated depth, were selected to drill on their contract.

The large diamonds and versatile matrix allows  Tangshan Jinshi DIAMOND BITS to outperform other impregnated bits in a variety of formations ranging from abrasive to competent, soft to hard.

Drilling Performance:

Average bit life of 150 pcs of bits: 825 m

Typical hole depth:200 m

Typical penetration rate: 10m/hr

Bit specification:  HQ3, S6 and S8 Matrix, Face discharge waterway flushing system. 12mm impregnated depth. Heavy duty tungsten carbide and natural diamond gauge protection ID and OD.


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